Munich Oktoberfest

All about the Original Bavarian Beerfestival

Dates, tips, information and news from the great Munich Beerparty
This year with the "Bavarian Central Agricultural Festival" (ZLF)

The 183. Munich Octoberfest dates this year from
17 September - 03 October

126. ZLF Agricultural Festival in the first week from
17 September - 25 September

Welcome to the Munich Oktoberfest - English Info Guide - Ferris wheel at the Theresienwiese!

Welcome to our English Guide
Tips, dates and info for foreign tourists

Events and Information - Munich Festivalinfo
Oktoberfest dates, tipps and calendar

Here we go!
From September 17, it's party-time in Munich. Then the largest and worldwide most popular beerfestival starts. At 12.00 noon Munich's first mayor taps in the "Schottenhamel" (beer tent, marquee) the first barrel beer. With this tradional and official ceremony the festival is opened and the great octoberfestparty on the "Theresienwiese" (party area) can finally start! Read more about the marquees, tickets and reservations...

Best offers! Munich Hotel accommodation
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Traditional Bavarian party
Every year, 6 to 7 million visitors come to Munich to celebrate in traditional Bavarian costumes (Dirndl und Trachten) the famous festival. So, come and celebrate with best beer and fresh fried chicken (called "Hendl"). Enjoys a cozy snack with Bavarian delicacies and dances in the tents to the music of bands and chapels on the beer benches!

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The new stein-collection of the Munich Beerfestival is now available in the shop!

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Latest News and Events
Read on our Oktoberfestmagazine the most important dates and facts in our timetable to the megaparty. We give tips for table booking and information about hotels and private rooms. We report about the chances for last-minute-bookings or how to celebrate in the tents without a reservation. We also offer you our free of charge collection of the most important addresses and phone numbers.



Rooms - best offers online
Also with the search for a hotelroom, our team can help. Simply use the "Hotelbooking Tool" on the magazine "Wiesnhotels". Here availability and prices can be checked. If you find a great offer, rooms can be booked directly online.

Hotel reservation - How it works...
Quick Guide to the Online Hotelbooking Tool...
First start the booking-tool and select your language. Next step is to enter the date of your trip and the number of guests. Then click the "search button".

Now you will receive the latest offers. If you click on "Price per room" (textlink on the right side), deals are sorted by price. So the cheapest (or most expensive) hotel-rooms are up. As you can see everything is really easy to handle!


Alternatives to hotelrooms
In our latest update, we have once again expanded the theme "possibilities for accommodation and rooms to stay overnight". Because there are a number of alternatives to the traditional hotelrooms. Feel free to benefit from our info and advices to find a private room or a private accommodation in Munich.


So have fun on our site and a lot of fun at the Munich Theresienwiese!

Dates and information - Events and festivals terms
Munich Oktoberfest calendar

Date Time Official program and traditional events
Saturday 17 september 11.00 am Traditional parade of the landlords and breweries to the festival grounds. Accompanied by the "Münchner Kindl" and the bavarian political elite
Saturday 17 september 12.00 noon O'zapft is! Traditional opening (tapping) from the Lord Mayor of Munich. As evers year the events take place in the tent of the Schottenhamel family
Sunday 18 september 10.00 am Costumes and shooting clubs move today across the city to the Theresienwiese. Even in this year about 9,000 participants will are back again
Monday 19 september 12.00 noon Traditional and free "seniors catering services" in the meadow tents at the expense of their owners. (We are sorry - Participation by invitation only)
Tuesday 20 september 12.00 am -
06.00 pm
Welcome to the first "family day" at the beerparty - today there are discounted rates for all big and small children, kids, parents and families
Wednesday 21 september 10.00 am -
03.00 pm
Joy the "lunch deals" from Monday to Friday. Take chance to celebrate with discounted prices. Uses the discounts and lunch promotions
Thursday 22 september 10.00 am Ecumenical worship (of both denominations) in the Fischer-Vroni. Traditional all feeder, visitors and residents are invited to celebrate together
Friday 23 september lunchtime The brewery carriages to marvel and the horses to pet. At lunch there are the magnificent horse carriages in front of the big beer tents (marquees)
Saturday 24 september all day The italians are hospitable in "Monaco" - Today and tomorrow is the legendary "Italian weekend" at the Octoberfest-grounds in the heart of the city
Sunday 25 september all day Today half has already ended. At half-time the organizers inform the press with the first numbers and a mid-term review of the first week
Sunday 25 september 11.00 am Worth hearing and seeing is the common concert of the live bands, brass bands and wind band associations on the steps of the Bavaria (statue)
Monday 26 september 03.00 pm Great Gay Meeting on the festival! The gay "Prosecco-Wiesn" in Fischer-Vroni (tent) is a really popular Munich Gay Appointment
Tuesday 27 september 12.00 am -
06.00 pm
Let's go to the 2nd "Child and Family Day"! The fairground and their attractions are waiting with small prizes for all children, parents and families
Thursday 29 september 12.00 noon Today on the "Old Showman Meeting" the (good) old times are up to date again. Every year with many anecdotes and stories (only with invitation)
Sunday 02 october all day Also on the last Sunday it's once again party time in Munich. However, due to the tomorrow's holiday, it will be quite busy at the fairgrounds
Sunday 02 october 12.00 noon Traditional cannon shooting on the steps of the Bavaria statue. It's the graduation party of the Bavarian Sport Shooting Federation (a little noisy)
Monday 03 october all day Due to the today's holiday (October 03 is in Germany the "Day of German Unity") the Oktoberfest will be extended by one day
Monday 03 october 11.30 pm It's over! Some minutes before midnight, the largest beer-festival in the world is already over. We say "thank you and goodbye" and look forward to the Beerfestival 2017...

All dates and details without guarantee. Changes are possible, all remain subject to error.

Important note! The extension of one day (holiday on Monday, 03 October) still
must be approved of the Munich City Council. Update - Now the additional day is
finally approved and fixed! So, have a great time! See you at the Theresienwiese!

Accommodation to stay in Munich
Book hotel and rooms for the Oktoberfest

Hotels and Rooms Booking - Munich Hotel and Room Reservation Service (Images Bold Hotels)

The preparation for the visit in Munich also includes to find and book a hotel room or other accommodation for the night.



Read the possibilities to rent rooms and apartments in Munich and our advice and recommendations to find fair hotel rates. On top, we have collected some information about private rooms. The possibility of "flat-sharing" or "couch surfing" may be for some tourists a great alternative to the classic hotel. And our traditional last minute offers comes again just before the festival starts.

Tips for finding accommodation
Find rooms in Munich
There are a lot of different ways to find an apartment in Munich. First of all you can take the classic way to phone the hostels sequentially. Surely a classic way but it is also incredibly time-consuming and expensive. The addresses of the Munich hotels can be found here...

Find rooms online
Much faster is finding a room with the help of the Internet. We recommend you our "booking tool". With the tool you have a quick overview and the availabilitys at a glance. You can compare offers and look for a great rooms. Therefore simply sort the search results by "price".

And if you find something suitable, you can book directly online. All "for free", means without any fees or additional costs. Joy our "hotelbooking tool"...

Find a cheap sleeping-place
Another tip to save money... If the hotels are too expensive, or who get along well with little comfort or whoever else wants a reason to book a hotel room place in Munich also has some alternatives.

From private rooms and guest rooms over pensions, hostels (cheap hotels for backpackers), youth hostels to camping - the choice and teh possibilities are really great. Get an overview at our partnersite...

In any case, you should take care of a sleeping-place as soon as possible. Because usually the good and cheap accommodations are always very quickly occupied.



Tips for your hotel search

Rooms at the hotel
The classic way and the first choice for the night are hotels. Munich offers for every budget the right accommodation - from upscale "5-stars luxury hotel" to the more conciliators "1-star hotel".

Now some tips for your Oktoberfest-Hotel and Room-Booking. Our advice for a successful room search...

  • Start early
    It is advised to start early with searching a suitable accommodation. During the Oktoberfest, Munich is quite full (or overflowed). And so the number of rooms in the city are allways quickly exhausted

  • Start flexible
    While searching do not set too much. Consider first how many stars there must be. So. where you can make a compromise? And what requirements which must be in any case?

  • Extended searching
    Lodging in "walking distance to the Theresienwiese" is an alluring idea. However, this is also quite expensive! The lodges and hotels in the surrounding area have much better prices

  • Surrounding area
    Tip - If you look for a lodge in the (cheaper) surrounding area, trie to stay in range of the subway and express train (MVV and MVG). Public transport is well developed in Munich and so the trip to the partyplace just a stone's throw away. Also the public transportation ride go more frequently

  • Alternatives to hotels
    Does it have to be in any case a hotel? This small guest house around the corner, or the small guest house countryside also offers a good service. Here is everything just a little simpler and more private. But this means in many cases also more comfortable

Tips to stay - private rental in Munich
Private rooms for rent
Allways more popular is the trend to rent a private room. Here, the Munich residents offer their guest room, apartments or the whole house to share with foreign guests, tourists and visitors from all over the world.

The advantage of "house sharing", "couch surfing" and "private room rental" is that you get to know the city and its inhabitants more intimate and personal. On the other side, you are just a guest in a flat of any stranger. So you certainly have to be more considerate to the needs and the daily lives of homeowners than in a hotel, hostel or boarding house.



Book private rooms on the web
Private rooms can be rent on different pages at the web. Even on our partner site "Wiesnhotels" can be set offers and requests. However, you have to take care of early enough. Anyone who comes just minutes before the beerfestival starts is definitely too late. Then there is only a very small opportunity for private room rentals...

Current Last Minute Deals
Before and during the festival you find on our website the latest offers from private and also some lastminute hotel deals.

With the "Last Minute Deals" we present free apartments, inns and hotels. Because by overbooking or returns (eg illness) there are sometimes short term rooms available in Munich (sometimes also during the Oktoberfest, but not able to be predicted). However, better not to rely on. Because the deals are usually also gone in a jiffy. And... all offers valid only while stocks last!



Current returns, overstocks, closeouts and last minute deals come just some days before the festival start. Thank you for your patience!



Tables and reservations at the Oktoberfest Beer Tent
Seats and table reservation in Munich

Table Reservation Services - Get a seat in a beer hall - Oktoberfest info services from Munich

The famous beer tents
On the Theresienwiese there are 14 big beer tents. The famous, unique halls at the Munich Festival are for many visitors the "heaven". They take up to 10.000 people each. Yet, this is still not enough for the millions of guests every year.

So, before you start your trip to germany you should organize a table (or seat) reservation. The booking must be asked at the various offices of the hosts. The drawback - a central hotline or service number does not exist. So you have to ask at each host individually and separately. The addresses of the hosts can be found here...

Please note
Seats from the hosts could only be ordered per "full table". A classic table holds up 8 to 10 places. If the tables are already taken (sold out) you can try to order places at the "free market". Theres are good agencies and suppliers with third party offers.

The drawback - the tickets are not really cheap. On the other side you can choose all beer tents in one single shop. And, there are also "special service" available. Such as individual places or double seats you only can get at the free market. Current offers and prices can be found here...

Advance booking at the festival halls
Addresses and hotlines for your reservation

All addresses for advance table booking at the Munich Beerfestival

Beer Tent Proprietors Advance booking
Peter Inselkammer KG
(Familie Inselkammer)
Tel. (089) 237 037 03
Fax (089) 237 037 05
Wiesnwirte Manfred
und Thomas Vollmer
Tel. (089) 23 18 32 66
Fax (089) 26 05 379
Fischer Vroni
(Fischer-Vroni Festzelt)
Karl Winter OHG (Johann
und Silvia Stadtmüller)
Tel. (089) 66 10 42
Fax (089) 65 25 34
Wirtsfamilie Roiderer und
Jungwirt Thomas Roiderer
Tel. (08 170) 73 03
Fax (08 170) 73 85
Wirtsfamilie Steinberg
Richard und Silja Steinberg
Tel. (089) 44 89 670
Fax (089) 44 83 587
Käfers Wiesn-Schänke
Feinkost Käfer GmbH
(Familie Michael Käfer)
Tel. (089) 41 68 356
Fax (089) 41 68 880
Kufflers Weinzelt
Weinzelt GbR (Roland,
Doris und Stephan Kuffler)
Tel. (089) 290 705 17
Fax (089) 29 40 76
Wirtsfamilie Ludwig Hagn
und Stephanie Spendler
Tel. (089) 47 76 77
Fax (089) 47 05 848
Wirtsfamilie Sabine und
Siegfried Able
Tel. (089) 312 055 29
Fax (089) 312 055 19
(Winzerer Fähndl)
Wirtsfamilie Peter und
Arabella Pongratz
Tel. (089) 62 17 19 10
Fax (089) 62 17 19 19
Wirtsfamilie Renate und
Georg Heide
Tel. (089) 85 72 029
Fax (089) 89 55 63 56
Schottenhamel OHG
(Familie Schottenhamel)
Tel. (089) 544 693 10
Fax (089) 544 693 19
Wirtsfamilie Eduard und
Claudia Reinbold
Tel. (089) 231 812 24
Fax (089) 231 812 44
Wirtsfamilie Haberl und
Antje Schneider
Tel. (089) 38 38 73 12
Fax (089) 38 38 73 40


Tips to get a table reservation in the Munich beer tents
Marquees of the Oktoberfest hosts and breweries

Addresses beer tents and hosts - Munich Oktoberfest Reservation Tips

The early bird
To get a reservation in Munich it's necessary to take care about at an early stage. This is really the best tip ever that you can get on this subject. For all "Newbies" here some more helpful tips, advices and recommendations...

"Best of Booking Tips" for the Munich Oktoberfest...
  1. There is no central reservation hotline or office. Therefore requests must be made individually in each tent. Above you will find the hotlines and phone numbers of the reservation offices.

  2. Generally it should be a writing requests. You can do it by Fax, Mail or sometimes even via online form. Use the numbers under addresses. There are phone numbers and hotlines to get more information and the Fax numbers of the hosts for your booking requests.

  3. Try always to specify alternatives to the preferred date in your request.
    Thus, if helpful. So an alternative date can be confirmed when the actual
    desired date is already fully booked.

  4. As a general booking-rule you only can order seats in groups (full tables). The number of seating places on a beer table varies depending on the tent. Usually 8 or 10 people can sit at a classic beer table.

  5. You do not have to buy an entry ticket. Neither you have to pay für the fairground nore there are tickets for the tents. The so-called "Tickets" are "Coupons" for food and beverages. Admission costs only rides, the "Historical Oktoberfest" and the "ZLF" (Zentral Landwirtschaftsfest engl. "Bavarian Central Agricultural Festival").

  6. The "tent-reservation" is generally free of charge. The customers only have to buy some "coupons" (beverage tickets) for each seat. This minimum consumption for the reservation in the meadow must be paid in advance. There is information on the respective conditions in the marquees on the websites of the hosts. At the third party merchant offers (e.g. from agencies or suppliers) the coupons are already included.

  7. "Good times, bad times" also applies for the Munich beer-tents. So the evenings, the weekends and the day before the holiday (02.10) are "bad times" for your reservation. Much better times are noon and the early afternoons during the week.

  8. On the Internet buyers and sellers are often anonymous. So be careful with "secondhand tickets" and "reservation-offers" on eBay, Hood & Co. These are often overpriced. And not all suppliers are reputable. in the worst-case scenario, you'll become victim of a fake or a cheater.

  9. On the web you can find some good special interest magazines about the "table reservation in the Munich beer tent". There everything is well explained. On top you'll get some useful tips for the ordering process. Find all booking information on the magazine "" or benefit from the third party offers at "".

We wish you success and all the best. See you at the Theresienwiese.


Copyright information - Source evidence for images and info
Poster (olakat) und Map (plan) from the City of Munich (RAW). All beer mugs, steins and glasses from the several manufacturers, Dirndl and Trachten images by "Sportalm Kitzbühel" (Austria), Images Hotels and Rooms by Munich Bold Hotels. Image of the bavarian "Beer-Queen" from the "Bayerischen Brauerbund" (brewer unity). More pictures and all information from the Munich Wiesnteam as well as from Dirndlteam, Trachtenteam and their respective partners.

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